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Tailored Solutions

Get customized enterprise products that align with your specific business needs and provide a seamless integration into your existing infrastructure.

Streamline Operations

Our customized enterprise products help streamline operations, optimize processes, and improve efficiency, enabling you to achieve your business goals faster and more efficiently.


Scalable and Flexible

With our tailored solutions, you can scale your enterprise products as your business grows and adjust them to evolving requirements, ensuring maximum flexibility and long-term value.

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Drive rapid innovation with top-tier technology teams.

17 Years of
Experience cutting-edge innovation with our top-tier technology teams. Our experts are dedicated to driving creativity, efficiency, and success in your projects, ensuring your business remains ahead of the curve.
Mobile App Development

My App Maker

Stay connected to your customers and fans by putting your business information, media, and merchandise right at their fingertips.

Revolutionizing Mobile App Development

My App Maker has completely automated the steps to create mobile apps for iOS and Android, revolutionizing the development process.
Get started with My App Maker today and revolutionize your mobile presence!
Client Connection

Stay connected with your audience by making business information, media content, etc., easily accessible on mobile devices through Make My App.


Keep business information, products, and services readily available on an inclusive and user-friendly platform ensuring everyone can easily access and interact with your app.

Multimedia Content

Make My App allows businesses to showcase music, photos, and videos directly to users, enhancing engagement and visibility on mobile platforms.

Simplified Development

By automating app development steps, Make My App simplifies the process, making it efficient and accessible for businesses looking to establish a mobile presence.

Platform Coverage

Revolutionizing app development, Make My App automates the creation process for mobile apps compatible with iOS and Android platforms.

Innovative Solution

Make My App offers an innovative solution that streamlines mobile app development, making it easier for businesses to effectively reach their audience on various mobile devices.

Contact Center Performance

Performance Management Suite

Focus on business execution with the Performance Management Suite, which integrates performance data with business improvement processes for continuous analysis and coaching.

Leveraging Data to Drive Agent Performance

Drive higher revenue and boost performance with real-time analysis. Comply with regulations faster and leverage mobile, in-memory, and cloud technologies for performance management.
Improve your contact center performance with our Performance Management Suite today!
Business Execution Focus

The Contact Center Performance Management tool focuses on business execution and process improvement, which helps organizations increase agent performance and guarantees customer satisfaction.

Real-time Performance Boost

With real-time analysis capabilities, the Performance Management System helps boost performance by providing immediate insights and actionable data.

Performance Data Analysis

The Contact Center Performance Management tool provides valuable tools for continuously monitoring team performance, assessing goals, enabling valuable coaching, and making adjustments when necessary.

Cost Understanding

The Contact Center Performance Management tool allows organizations to understand the true cost of their products, services, and channels, enabling informed decision-making.

Compliance and Innovation

Organizations can comply with regulations faster, with fewer errors, and at a lower cost. They can also leverage mobile, in-memory, and cloud technologies for performance management, all from one vendor.

Revenue Alignment

By aligning strategy and execution, the Contact Center Performance Management tool helps drive higher revenue and ensures that business goals are met effectively.

Time Tracking Tool

Time Tracker

Record and track time spent on each task with our highly customizable Task Time Tracker. Say goodbye to stopwatches and measure productivity in real-time.

Fully Customizable and Intuitive

Our tool features an incredibly simple and intuitive design, requiring no training. Easily start and stop tasks with 1-click and pause/resume as needed. All data is stored in a database for reporting and analytics.
Boost productivity and streamline your task tracking with Task Time Tracker today!
Simple Design

The Task Time Tracer tool has a simple and intuitive design, requiring no training for users to navigate and use it effectively.

Pause and Resume Functionality

Users can pause and resume Time Tracking when taking breaks or when interruptions occur during a task, ensuring accurate time measurement.

Easy Task Selection

Users can easily select the task they are performing with a simple click, making it quick and convenient to track time for different activities.

Start and Stop with 1-click

Starting and stopping Time Tracking for tasks is as simple as clicking a button, enabling easy and accurate productivity measurement.

Database Storage

All the time tracking information is securely stored in a database, making it easily retrievable for reporting and analytics purposes.

Customizable and Integrable

The Task Time Tracker tool can be used with off-the-shelf settings or customized and integrated with a company's existing infrastructure for seamless usage.

Dashboard Solution

Touch Point Dashboard

Empower your business with a comprehensive and cost-effective solution to complex business intelligence.

Empowering Decisions through Comprehensive and Cost-Effective Data Visualization

Touch Point Dashboard allows quick implementation, role-based permission, and live connectivity to data sources. Suitable for small businesses to large enterprises, keeping users well-informed.
Empower your business decisions with Touch Point Dashboard. Get started today!
Synchronous Chart Highlighting

Interactive charting includes 3-D views, maps, and animations.

Smart-filtering With Diverse Drill-down Feature

Data can be extracted directly from all relational databases, legacy data, Excel, etc. This functionality is core to the product, with no hidden costs or additional fees.

Enterprise-class Architecture

Full support for all relational databases, including Oracle, DB2 and Microsoft SQL Server.

Data Retrieval From Multiple Databases

Seamless export/import features with Microsoft Excel.

Personalized Views For Each User

Configurable for thousands of users with different profiles and privilege levels.

Platform Independence

Can be deployed on Windows, Unix, or Linux servers.

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