Data Strategy

Data Warehousing

Our experienced consultants have executed successful data warehouse migrations, automation, and accelerations, offering expertise in ETL/ELT, tool selection, clean-ups, conversions, and integration.

Consulting Services

Get a consistent plan of action for starting, enhancing, or iterating your data warehouse journey with our multidisciplinary expertise.


Infrastructure Optimization

Assess and analyze your data infrastructure, optimize costs and cloud resources, and innovate with custom architecture design for your data warehouse project.

Data Warehouse Services

Take Control of Your Data

Expertise in data warehouse migration, acceleration, automation, and virtualization to plan, execute, and optimize your data initiatives.

Orbit's data warehouse developers help modernize, migrate to the cloud, or start your data warehouse from scratch with the right solutions and execution.

We have partnerships with major data warehouse providers like Snowflake, Microsoft, and Denodo. Our accumulated library of scripts and rapid PoC development ensure faster data warehouse initiatives.
Partner with Orbit to take control of your data with our comprehensive data warehouse services and expertise in migration, acceleration, automation, and virtualization.
Strong Foundation for Analytics

Utilize predictive analysis, establish cause-and-effect relationships, and adapt to changes by utilizing what-if scenarios, creating a robust analytics infrastructure.

Improved Performance

Make informed decisions at all levels with comprehensive insights and wide-reaching data, enabling sound decision-making.

Data Quality Improvement

Enhance decision-making with standardized, accurate, and real-time information from all touchpoints, amplifying the impact of data-driven insights.

Automated Task Management

Delegate manual tasks to predefined flows, freeing up time to focus on critical company priorities.

Proactive Asset Management

Identify anomalies to prevent disruptions, uncover improvement areas to increase ROI, and gain a competitive edge in the market.

Governed Data Access and Management

Promote knowledge sharing, facilitate collaborative workflows, and ensure data security without compromising compliance.

Our Approach

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