Policy Establishment

Data Management

Orbit establishes abstract policies that reflect campaigns and core requirements, then refines and expands upon them to create a hierarchical policy structure for each client.

Abstract Policies

Orbit develops high-level policies reflecting campaigns and core requirements, providing a broad framework for data management.


Refined Policies

Orbit creates specific and detailed policies that augment the abstract ones, ensuring comprehensive data management for each client's unique needs.

Abstract Data Policies

Establishing Data Management Policies

Orbit team creates a hierarchy of abstract and refined policies to meet client-specific requirements and establish data domain and specificity.

Our approach includes creating uniform data management practices, standardizing procedures, and defining roles and responsibilities for accountable data usage.

We develop best practices for effective data management and protection, ensuring privacy and confidentiality, and documenting data trails across processes.
Partner with Orbit to establish robust data management policies that mitigate risks, enable recovery, and ensure compliance with industry standards.
Centralized Management

Orbit provides a centralized process to host and manage trusted data, ensuring data quality automation, timely stewardship notifications, and tools for effective data management.

Enhanced Compliance

Orbit enables better data compliance by providing tools, platforms, and processes to manage data and ensuring adherence to regulations and policies.

Data Quality Automation

Orbit automates key data quality functions, improving data accuracy, reducing duplication, and empowering businesses to own and manage data with minimal change requests.

Empowered Ownership

Orbit empowers businesses to own and manage data, minimizing the need for change requests and providing the ability to maximize data accuracy and compliance.

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