Data Value

Strategic Approach

Data is crucial for enterprise organizations, serving as the nervous system of operations and a key part of products/services. Reliable data relies on people, processes, and technology working together. Without a holistic plan and strategic approach, large data initiatives often fail.

Holistic Planning

Addressing all aspects to deliver value and outcomes, Orbit helps clients build data strategies using proven expertise and processes.


Guaranteed Success

With Orbit's strategic approach and expertise, your data strategies are designed to ensure success in delivering real value and business outcomes.

Data Framework

Modern Analytics Platform

Orbit’s MAP empowers enterprise organizations to harness the full potential of data-driven decision intelligence.

MAP is a proven roadmap that takes a holistic approach, integrating people, processes, technology, and data.

We provide accelerators and custom solutions to streamline the process.

The MAP framework consists of Strategy, Execution, and Enablement. The strategy ensures comprehensive analysis, governance, platform selection, and business-value alignment. Execution delivers end-to-end data solutions efficiently. Enablement focuses on organizational change management and user adoption.
Contact Orbit to leverage MAP and unlock the power of data-driven decision intelligence for your enterprise.
Data Trust

Establish confidence in the accuracy and integrity of your data to drive effective decision-making within your organization.

Data Supply

Enable seamless access to data for the right individuals at the right moment, optimizing your data infrastructure's performance.

Data Analysis

Transform raw data into meaningful insights that align with your business goals, empowering your team to make informed and intelligent decisions.

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