Empower Your Business with Data Analytics

Orbit specializes in transforming companies into data-driven organizations by creating platforms that democratize data and analytics. Enhance business outcomes, discover opportunities, and improve efficiency with intelligent machine learning algorithms.

Data Strategy

Develop a comprehensive roadmap for leveraging data effectively in your organization, aligning it with business goals and ensuring data-driven decision-making.

Data Visualization

Create visually appealing and informative dashboards and reports to help stakeholders understand complex data insights easily and make informed decisions.

Predictive Analytics

Utilize statistical algorithms and machine learning techniques to forecast future trends, behaviors, and outcomes based on historical data patterns and business context.

Data Quality Management

Implement processes and tools to ensure data accuracy, completeness, consistency, and reliability, enabling better decision-making and reliable business insights.

Big Data Analytics

Analyze large volumes of structured and unstructured data to uncover hidden patterns, correlations, and insights that can drive strategic business decisions and innovation.

Real-time Analytics

Enable organizations to process and analyze data instantaneously as it is generated, providing timely insights for quick decision-making and proactive responses to changing conditions.

Enhance Business Insights with Advanced Analytics

For clients’ data needs, our team conducts data mining, forecasting, visualization, pattern matching, sentiment analysis, clustering, graph analysis, and more. Our analytical techniques include:

Predictive Analytics

Develop data models using statistical modeling and machine learning to predict future outcomes based on experience with structured and unstructured data.

Clustering Method

Group data based on similarities to identify patterns and relationships, enabling effective data analysis and enhanced data-driven decision-making.

Analytical Calculations

Perform various computations like aggregations, regressions, and expressions to derive insightful visualizations and gain deeper understanding of the data.

Statistical Features

Apply statistical techniques to analyze data clusters, compare groups, and uncover relationships, facilitating comprehensive data analysis and valuable insights.

Why Choose Us

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With a robust team of 200+ skilled data engineers, official partnerships with AWS, Azure, and Google, diverse expertise, quick talent acquisition, successful project delivery, and strict data security compliance.
Expert Team

Over 200 experienced data engineers.

Rapid Talent Acquisition

Fill positions in 4-6 weeks.

Cloud Partnerships

Official ties with AWS, Azure, and Google.

Industry Success

Projects in telecom, manufacturing, healthcare, and more.

Wide Expertise

Covering BI, Big Data, ML/AI, and Data Science.

Data Security

Compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, ISO standards, and PCI DSS.

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