Decision Intelligence

BI & Visualization

We focus on enabling effective and efficient decision-making through clear and relevant data insights.


Clear and intuitive visualizations to provide actionable insights at a quick glance.


Embedded Analytics

Customizable analytics embedded in your existing applications for seamless user experience.

Data Solutions

Effective Data Visualizations and Insights

Orbit’s team combines data engineering and BI consulting expertise to deliver impactful visualizations, reports, and dashboards.

We prioritize outcomes and ensure your data provides the insights necessary for informed decision-making that aligns with your business goals.

Context is crucial in understanding your data. Our dashboards not only provide a quick overview of what’s happening but also help you comprehend the underlying reasons.
Partner with Orbit to enhance data accessibility, usability, and utilization through tailored solutions, training, and workshops for your enterprise organization.
Talent Acquisition and Growth

Our unique in-house technical recruiting team focuses on developing the most skilled consultants and engineers to grow, augment, and scale your teams.

Consulting Expertise

Experienced senior consultants align data and business strategy for effective decision-making and the future success of your organization.

Flexible Managed Services

Our Managed Services combine implementation, application development, support, and tailored training to maximize your investment and deliver timely solutions.

Project-Based Solutions

Our project-based model offers specific, defined-scope solutions with predictable pricing, ensuring timely delivery for your business’s success.

Implementation Steps

Business Intelligence


Our BI adoption specialists

Financial Services

Marketing & Advertising

Supply Chain & Logistics

Healthcare & Pharma



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