Task Time Tracker

This is a fully customizable time tracking tool that can be leverage to record and track time spend on each task. Gone are the days of using a stop watch to measure productivity. With easy to use Start and Stop buttons, this tool allows to get real-time productivity information for your operational tasks.

Recruiter Process Outsourcing

The best feature of our task time tracking tool is the incredibly simple and intuitive design. There is not training required. Just select the task you are performing, then start and stop with 1-click. Taking a coffee break, no problem! Just pause and resume with simple to use buttons. All the information is stored in a database which can be retrieved easily for reporting and analytics. Whether you are time sampling for capacity planning or tracking productivity for performance appraisals, this is the tool that will get you there easily

It can be used with off-the-shelf settings or can be customized and integrated with your company infrastructure.

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