Application Migration & Re-engineering

"An easy shift to those technological drifts"

When a business progresses from one level to another or from one phase to the next, it becomes essential to restructure the core technologies to meet the new requirement. At times it becomes a tricky process for the business especially when most of it is based on the old system.

Orbit understands that when such value additions are being done in a business no element should be left out. Furthermore we impart adaptivity to the new application, looking into the future transformation that may take place in the technology. In addition, our agile development process lets you monitor the project while it’s being built in incremental units. This saves you from investing into a long risky project that might not even turn out to satisfy the new business parameters. Our professionals are in constant communication with you to make sure that everything makes sense to you, so as to receive your valuable suggestions.

Application migration and Re-engineering involves following phases.

  • Migration evaluation
  • Application Porting: Modify the software for use on the new platform
  • Upgrading the application to new version or environment if required
  • Re-engineering the application on the basis of new requirements
  • Re-Allocating the technology and the data

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