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We bridge the shoulders of success with the entire strength of business practices and technical strategies to combat solutions. Skilled with a combination of cutting edge technology, process frameworks and applications competence gives a complimentary focus on business solutions.


Stay connected to your customers and fans and put your business information, music, photos, videos, merchandise, right at their fingertips. Make My App has revolutionized the mobile apps development process by completely automating the steps to create mobile apps for the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android platforms...

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Performance Management Suite

Leverage Performance Data to Drive Employee Performance. For service organizations to increase employee performance while also protecting customer satisfaction and loyalty, it is essential to focus on business execution. To ensure successful execution, contact center performance management marries performance data with...

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Task Time Tracker

This is a fully customizable time tracking tool that can be leverage to record and track time spend on each task. Gone are the days of using a stop watch to measure productivity. With easy to use Start and Stop buttons, this tool allows to get real-time productivity information for your operational tasks. The best feature of this time tracking...

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Touch Point Dashboard

The Touch Point Dashboard Flash interface is the graphical interface that displays dashboards within a web browser. It’s called the “Flash interface” because it needs to be developed with Macromedia Flash technology. Flash is a popular browser plug-in, which, if it’s not already installed, is automatically downloaded and installed in an...

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