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Enterprise Portals "We design framework to lead"

To survive in the age of competition it has become essential for every business to have a well packed structure of integrating information, people and processes across organizational boundaries.

Enterprise portal is the answer taking care of the above. An enterprise portal is a centralized domain for information placement, discharge, access and usage in the form of a web-based application. It consists of a user interface designed to bind and personalize information fetched by application related portals. It is a present day device for information and content management and to always stay updated.

Orbit takes the best care in integrating all the features of your enterprise to bring together a fruitful enterprise portal. We focus on operational aspects of the system, keeping the end users and information flow in mind. Some of the common areas of applications of the enterprise portals are:

  • Content Management System
  • Document Management System
  • Collaboration Software
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Intranet

Supply Chain Management Software

"Let the technology handle processes and the brains do real thinking"

There is a lot in the world of IT that can increase the scope of your business performance. Supply chain management solutions not only provide you with operational ease but are also a great deal for cost reduction.

At Orbit we bring together the technological expertise to assemble a solution that gives you a fine and clear vision of materials, information, and finances as they move through the chain of supply. A cleverly managed supply chain management can help you gain large economies. Bringing together supply chain management solution involves coordinating and integrating the related flows in a supply chain by providing it an effective point of control. Our devised solutions are currently serving many businesses.

Companies in the transportation industry face a number of challenges, from globalization and lower-cost competitors to the need to be more nimble and responsive to market changes. National and geographical barriers are being rapidly broken down. As supply chains get longer and as fuel costs, capacity and security concerns complicate transportation, the cost of goods produced is on the rise. To survive and succeed in this challenging environment, transportation companies must transform themselves into more agile and responsive organizations

We develop supply chain management solutions by adopting new technology so that transportation providers can lay the foundation needed to modernize existing software systems and introduce efficient new applications. Our solutions provide visibility and improve tracking of orders, shipments, and equipment using technologies such as bar codes, RFID and GPS, as well as improve the command and control structure within the enterprise to handle exceptions.

We have provided a paper-less easy to use solutions for transportation companies to establish control over people, activities and resources to optimize business performance. Our supply chain solutions encourage use of PocketPC, TabletPC and other user friendly devises making it easy for the shop-floor workmen and the field work force to make real-time entries.

Our logistics and transportation solutions practice helps companies face these challenges by providing a full range of services in industries including goods (freight) transportation, passenger transportation and logistics.

Our solutions addresses the following areas:

  • Linehaul and Tracking.
  • Optimization of resource / asset utilization.
  • Create valuable reports for operations and planning.
  • Real time billing module for automatic generation of invoices.
  • Analysis of vehicle ageing and movement history.

Our innovative business solutions consider the future trends of the industry and methods of improving efficiency across business lines.

GPS Solutions

"Make your way out, anywhere, everywhere"

Although there is no limit to how one can apply GPS technology to create innovative solutions, there are two broad implications of it:

  • Tracking devices
  • Navigation systems.

GPS in Tracking

A GPS tracking solution comprises of tracking devices that are mostly twined with communication technologies like radio transmission and telephony. A centralized system then monitors moments of several vehicles or people in real time. The GPS tracking package includes a GPS receiver, GPS software and a device such as a cell phone to channelize the ensuing organizes.

GPS in Navigation

After locating a point mapping needs to be done which is useful for relocation or routing between two points. The applications here range from simple car navigation systems to highly sophisticated packages for aviation and marine navigation and even GPS solutions for use on the golf course.

At Orbit we take care of all the aspects such as easy-to-use user interface, route planning, re-routing, guidance features, etc. while developing GPS navigation software or GPS solution for you.

In short we bring together the best to suit your target market needs

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