• Financial Services

  • Retail & e-Commerce

Orbit offers consultants who are specialized in the Mortgage business with experience ranging from 10 to 25 years across multiple mortgage banks Our consultants have deep knowledge and expertise in the intricacies of mortgage business. Orbit consultants have worked in several large mortgage banking institutions through the turbulent times between 2008 through 2012.


Our consultants understand the complexities and challenges facing the Mortgage industry:

  • Government regulations – Audit and Compliance, OCC, Treasury, MBA
  • Government and corporate initiatives – MHA, Mods, HAMP
  • High credit losses combined with low revenue
  • Lack of consumer confidence
  • Exponential increase in delinquent loans, mods, foreclosures, REO
  • Focus on default management, loss mitigation, credit risk controls
  • Changing business landscape - products offered, consumer credit
  • Interest rate expectations
  • Mergers and Acquisitions – integration risk

The challenges brings with itself specciaized needs of the mortgage operations:

  • Risk Management - credit, operational, regulatory
  • Mortgage servicing rights valuation (MSR)
  • Capacity Models – staffing (ABC models), KPI driven
  • Performance Management – collections, contact center
  • Planning and Budgeting - financial controls
  • Operations Support – process improvement, operational loss mitigation
  • Inventory Management - payoffs, REO, foreclosure, bankruptcy
  • Flexibility and adaptability – macro-economic changes, government programs
  • Renew consumer and government confidence

The Retail and e-Commerce industry is one of the most dynamic and competitive industries. With market leaders such as Amazon setting the pace of change with cutting-edge technological advancements and lower cost to consumer, the traditional retail players are increasingly challenging their technical teams to meet and exceed the demands of consumers. Consumers expect seamless and easy shopping experience across all channels (brick & mortar vs internet). The expectations have become very high because of advancement in technology in this industry.


Orbit consultants have extensive experience in Retail & e-Commerce industry with proven track record of meeting the client’s needs and providing the deep industry expertise needed to get the competitive advantage for meeting short and long term goals. With increasing pressure to perform and deliver in an extremely competitive market, clients are looking for technical experts with expertise in dealing with intricacies of the challenges in the retail & e-Commerce industry. Orbit provides comprehensive consulting services with consultants having 20+ years of experience working in Fortune 500 clients with deep understanding of the workings of the retail & e-Commerce industry and delivering the best in class business and information technology consulting. We have experience with launching a project from scratch or supplementing your team with additional bandwidth. Our consultants are ready to work with your to help you achieve success.

Some of the key areas our consultants have expertise in:

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Supply Chain Diagnostics
  • Planning & Execution
  • Retail Merchandising
  • Consumer-Driven Replenishment
  • Inventory Management
  • Point of Sale Systems
  • Sourcing & procurement
  • ERP Systems Integration
  • Distribution & Fulfillment Management
  • Distribution Warehouse System Management
  • Supply chain monitoring & control


  • Business Intelligence

  • Application Development

Orbit provides deep technical domain expertise in Business Intelligence with Subject matter experts available in all areas of BI (Data Warehouse, Reporting, Visualization and Analytics). We have strategic relationships with other BI vendors for niche skillset. Our consultants focus on client success and providing the insights in to their business.

Orbit consultants develop the right solution the right way for your enterprise application. We have expertise in state of the art technologies used for implementation and continuous enhancements of enterprise applications and processes. From inception to delivery, our consultants have done it all. From gathering requirements, designing solution, coding the solution, testing to delivering the solution, our consultants ensure your applications are developed using standardized methodologies that gels with your enterprise architecture. We help you create quality applications that minimizes risks and deliver your products faster. Our consultants have experience working in both well-structured and ad-hoc environments. Depending on the clients’ needs, our consultants provide strategic guidance, methodologies, hands-on development and effective management to help you succeed.

Application Development

Our consultants have deep industry experience to create the right solution for your business by offering technical capabilities and expertise related to:

  • Custom Enterprise Application Development
  • Mobile and Cloud based Application Development
  • Application Development Framework
  • SOA / Web Services
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Database development and Integration
  • Quality Assurance, Testing, and Automation


Agile has become the standard practice across all IT projects and beyond. The biggest mistake companies do it think of Agile as a development methodology. It’s a lot more than that. Agile is a culture of its own, it’s a mindset of everyone in the organization to prioritize delivery of the product right from the start. It is delivery-centric culture that needs to be entrenched in the organization, even beyond IT projects. How many times have we heard of projects not delivering what was anticipated or delivering when the need is no longer there? Agile remove that risk, it provides visibility into the process with continuous monitoring and provides the ability to switch gears with ease.


Orbit firmly believes in Agile, it’s the culture at Orbit. Our consultants are continuously trained to think “Agile” and advocate the benefits of this practice wherever they work. At Orbit, we have been following and advocating Agile long before it became the standard in IT projects. Orbit consultants have worked in all variations of Agile framework, whether its Scrum, Lean, Kanban, XP or any customization of iterative development.

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