Application Development

Drawing on our experience in all major industries, we develop solutions that meet the most challenging IT problems.

 Application Development

Our team follows one of two approaches to development. In full lifecycle application projects, we assume complete responsibility for analysis, design, implementation, testing and integration of systems. In cooperative development, we work with your IT professionals to jointly analyze, design, implement, test and integrate systems.

At Orbit, we follow a highly efficient project management system which keeps track of the progress every minute of every individual project. As a result, there is a zero scope for any vagueness and imprecision in any of the project.

All the projects are managed by project managers who are among the best in the industry and they transfer this to the projects they manage.

We always follow the positive and practical communication with a customer centric strategy.

  • Orbit Iterative Development:

  • Orbit Prioritization Model:

  • Orbit Engagement Discovery Model:

Phase 1 : Kick-off Workshop:

The workshop to initiate the engagement. The one week workshop involves a high level understanding of the needs and expectations. Project participants are identified and management participation required.

Phase 2 : Study and Research:

Perform a comprehensive assessment study of challenges faced by management. Identify operational process gaps.

Phase 3 : Analysis:

Analyze the information and identify the need for a comprehensive solution to improve business performance. Prioritize needs and effort using our best practice methodology.

Phase 4 : Presentation:

Present our solution to address the challenges

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