orbit offerings

  • Consulting Services

    Orbit is the right place to build solutions and thoughts for the clients as it is an experienced technology service provider

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  • Application Development

    Drawing on our experience in all major industries, we develop solutions that meet the most challenging technology problems

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  • Business Process Management

    To win you need to develop a talent strategy with laser-edge focus on measurable and sustainable results

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  • Recruitment Services

    To maintain competency level in hiring the right talent, let us manage your recruitment needs, both locally and globally

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    No question about it – your business cannot function if your IT infrastructure is unreliable. We have the specialists

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  • Training

    Orbit provides world class training in cutting edge technology that is designed to propagate your career to the next level

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  • Make My App

    Stay connected to your customers and fans and put your business information, music, photos, videos, merchandise, right at their fingertips.

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  • Task Time Tracker

    This is a fully customizable time tracking tool that can be leverage to record and track time spend on each task.

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  • Touch Point

    We ensure that the smallest piece of information empowers our customers towards bigger global triumphs.

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Orbit Mission

Our mission is to move forward by building and nurturing relationship with our clients and consultants through commitment, integrity and passion.

Orbit is a leading Information Technology service provider offering wide range of products and services aimed at improving business processes and making an impact to our clients bottom-line.

Our services include Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, Enterprise Reporting and Application Development. We offer result oriented, high quality service to our clients at a cost effective price. We ensure that the smallest piece of information empowers our clients towards bigger triumphs. We develop solutions that provide fusion of business practices and technical strategies.

We make sure that every company that uses our products or services is fully satisfied with our delivery and makes an impact to their bottom-line.

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Orbit Mantra

Our Mantra is forward thinking, we believe in inspiring innovation, aligning our goals with our business partners, and using the best in class practices to achieve these goals.

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